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A trailblazer in Ontario's real estate scene, ranked in the top 1% among 90,000 agents. With an impressive track record, Naomi has orchestrated transactions exceeding $70 million, showcasing her mastery in the art of real estate.


As the leading associate within the number 1 team at Rare Real Estate Inc., Naomi brings a unique blend of expertise and strategic insight to every deal. Her accomplishments extend beyond the accolades; Naomi achieved homeowner status at the age of 25, illustrating her innate understanding of the market and unmatched dedication to her craft.

In the vast marketplace, Naomi Mayes is more than a realtor; she is a force – a visionary who transforms dreams into reality, consistently raising the bar for excellence in the world of real estate.


I pride myself on delivering exceptional value to my clients. My commitment to excellence is evident in the impeccable negotiation skills, deep market knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail that define my approach.


I understand the significance of time in the real estate market, and my remarkable time management and organizational skills ensure a seamless process.


I go beyond transactional relationships, becoming a trusted partner on the path to homeownership. I am not just a real estate professional;  but a dream enabler, dedicated to making the vision of a dream home a reality. With gratitude and passion, I consistently strive to exceed expectations, turning each client's home experience into a story of success and fulfillment.

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Vision & Mission

My vision is to be the unwavering cornerstone of exceptional service and expertise in the real estate industry. I envision a future where every homeowner's journey is marked by seamless transactions, guided by my commitment to unparalleled negotiation skills, deep market knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail. As we shape the landscape of real estate, I aspire to be the trusted partner that turns dreams into reality.

My mission is to empower and guide individuals and families through the intricate process of homeownership, ensuring they not only navigate the competitive and ever-changing housing market but also thrive in it. With a relentless focus on time management and organizational excellence, I strive to turn challenges into opportunities, enabling my clients to secure their dream homes and avoid costly mistakes. Through my unwavering commitment, I aim to redefine the homeownership experience, making it effective, seamless, and deeply rewarding.

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