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7 Tips To Selling Your Home FAST In A Buyer's Market

As you may or may not have noticed - Toronto's Condo Market is painfully slow at the moment!

5,200 listings hit the market alone last month - October 2020 - 5,200!!!!! Let's take a quick look...

It's simple - the market reflects the thought of supply and demand.

Immigration, international students, job loss, quarantine... you get the point.

Now how in the .... are you going to sell your home in a market like this!

I have put together my 7 top tips for getting your property sold FAST in a slow market and things you can do to prep your home to get top dollar today!

*50 Camden St 308 - Our teams latest sale for our Seller client. SOLD for $43,000 Over Asking in only 7 DAYS!

NUMBER ONE - First Impressions are everything!

I am not talking about when they first open the door - because you won't even get to showings if your home looks poor in the listing photos.

100% of the time - it is worth it to have professional photos and professional staging (if your furniture is not the best or dated). Are you going to leave your home value up to the Buyers imagination - gosh NO! Buyers today need to be told what they like and it needs to be priced competitively.

Put yourself in the Buyers shoes and ask yourself if you would want to take a look and buy your property the way it looks right now!

NUMBER TWO - Always be ready to show..

Now selling your home is already tough - and keeping it sparkling clean and always stage ready is really tedious... I wouldn't even do it.

Find somewhere to stay in the meantime, while showings are going on. You don't want the hassle and Buyers don't want to see your mess.

Of course - if your unit is tenanted or you don't have the option - do your best..

NUMBER THREE - Toronto is full of Kitchen junkies

I have never heard more people be picky about anything other than what the kitchen looks like! "I don't want this, I don't want that, It has to have this!" They are crazy... and I may or may not be one of them :).

Buyers will take off a few thousand for dated countertops, appliances that need replacement and other minor fixes. The best part about you doing it - you will likely get 85% of your money back as you are able to sell it for more! You will also have the best first impression of all the other units available for sale or lease in the building - making yours likely to sell FIRST!

The fastest, most inexpensive kitchen updates include painting and new cabinet hardware. Use a neutral-colour paint so you can present buyers with a blank canvas where they can start envisioning their own style.

NUMBER FOUR - This isn't your home anymore.

I bet the family photos are adorable.








Also - dogs - cats - lizards - penguins - GTG.

When purchasing a home, the Buyers want to know if the condominium is pet friendly but not if the condo itself has had cat pee in the corner or dog s**t on the floor.

I am an animal lover - especially cats but are we eliminating all the buyers will animal allergies?

NUMBER FIVE - Light it up!

During quarantine - how many Buyers and Tenants do you think asked me for a south facing view? I don't think anyone DIDN'T!

*Note - Most satisfying when all the lights in a home are one colour - yellow or white.

Change the bulbs, light shades and drapes - the more light the better!

NUMBER SIX - Price is Right

Find out what your home is worth, then shave a little here and there of the price. This strikes the alarm of "DEAL, DEAL, DEAL" in Buyers mind and will get you showings and get you into multiple offers.

Multiple offer situations are crucial - put yourself in the Buyers shoes and think "what would I pay for this property today?" - you may get a few low balls but most importantly you will get closer to your desired price when you go round 2!

NUMBER SEVEN - Working with the RIGHT agent

A secret sale killer is hiring the wrong agent. Make sure you have agent who is totally informed. They must constantly monitor the multiple listing service (MLS), know what properties are going on the market and know the comps in your neighbourhood. Find an agent who embraces technology – a tech-savvy one has many tools to get your house sold.

Nothing ever goes as planned, but having the right agent will know how to adjust and still make the deal happen even in the worst case scenario.


Looking to sell your home, need to sell your home - Let's have a chat. These aren't the only tricks up our sleeves!

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